Made with PDFReport

Dreamscape AcroPAD was created initially as a demo program to demonstrate the power of PDFREPORT, my PDF generating DLL for Visual Basic/Delphi/CBuilder/ASP developers. After a while, due do enthusiastic response, I converted it as a complete, full featured small application, and it has become one of the most interesting freewares, with many thousands users worldwide.

As all my applications, you don't need to install it: the installation process is COPY AND GO !

No registry messing, no setup/install/uninstall of any kind. You don't need admin rights on the machine in NT or Win2000 or WinXP as there is no installation, just a double click on the exe.

And, if you are not satisfied, you just trash the exe!

(Yes, I admit it: I have been an old Macintosh power user and developer... I love applications that run from the 1.44 floppy without installation, without messing up the computer ;-)

The program was built using PDFReport XP, the royalty free component for VB/ASP developers that creates PDF code on the fly, without installing Adobe Acrobat.
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