PDF examples

AcroPAD allows to create PDF files using these fonts:

  1. Arial
  2. Times
  3. Courier

with these styles:

  1. Plain
  2. Italic
  3. Bold
  4. Bold + Italic

You can also choose the font height and the page layout. Underline is NOT supported (it isn't supported in PDF: when you see an underlines word, it is a plain word with a line below it!)

Here are some samples:

Hello World with Visual Basic code in COURIER

A 4 Pages PDF doc with Sarah McLachlan interview and song lyrics, to demonstrate automatic wordwrap and multi page support

The program was built using PDFReport XP, the royalty free component for VB/ASP developers that creates PDF code on the fly, without installing Adobe Acrobat.
For more informations on PDFReport XP: http://www.dreamscape.it
To contact the author: massimo.brini@dreamscape.it